Bunnymed Corporation

We are dedicated to the import and sale of medical supplies, equipment and materials, we maintain business relationships with the medical community, health management companies, distributors and consumers or direct users of our products.

Our Mission

Being a strategically for our customers, suppliers and business partners with values ​​based on trust, respect, honesty, mutually beneficial relationships and transparency.
By working side by side with our growing network of partners, hospitals and clinics, we continue to seed a bright future for healthcare. All through our responsive customer service, unmatched technical team quality, and innovative medical supply solutions.

The future of health is in your hands and in ours. Let’s shake them.

Wide Offer

Our catalog offers an unmatched selection of products for the diverse health market. From general medical supplies to specific technical equipment. In our world they will be able to find a solution. Your needs are covered.

Investment capital

At Bunnymed we focus on generating the best business relationships with our allies and strategic partners. For this reason, we take care of our product selection in order to offer quality in our entire range of medical supplies, equipment and medicines, as well as to generate the best payment alternatives for each segment. Always attentive to your concerns, we offer payment plans and options for all budgets. Feel free to ask.

Experienced support

We focus on serving our clients throughout the process, satisfying their concerns and needs. You can always count on our team of experts to provide the right answer to your toughest questions.
We supply medical products, technology and resources with your customers’ health in mind, while ensuring that your business operations run more effectively and at lower costs.

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