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60 Capsules • 30 Day Supply

  • Supports airways & lungs.*
  • Promotes a healthy immune system.*
  • Preserves stamina.*
  • Helps manage mucus.*

Natural Ingredients: Mullein Leaf 300mg Used traditionally to help free mucus buildup and clear your airways. It also helps soothe a sore throat and provides antioxidant support as a natural source of quercetin*


100mg, 5:1 extract- 500mg equivalent

Used for centuries for traditional immune support and can be beneficial all year long. Elderberry is also a natural source of zinc & vitamin C*

French Maritime Pine Bark

150mg, 95% proanthocyanidins

Prized for its powerful free radical-scavenging elements, it supports multiple systems in the body to include the lungs, heart, skin, and joints*

Red Reishi

37.5mg, 4:1 extract- 200mg equivalent

Used for centuries, this immune booster is needed daily to maintain a healthy immune system and avoid seasonal issues*

Vitamin D


Arguably the most important vitamin for respiratory health, vitamin D has a significant impact on the respiratory system and supports immune health. It also promotes calcium absorption, which helps maintain healthy bones and teeth*



Offers multi-system support as a precursor to glutathione, which is involved in detoxification of the body, to include the lungs*

American Ginseng

50mg, 5% ginsenosides

Adaptogen used by traditional herbalists for centuries. This herb contains bioactive compounds to resist environmental stressors & aid athletic performance*

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